Closeout Analysis
your zip code for your home mailing address Your Zip Code
description of your name and city Description (name, city)
description of the type of cattle to be fed Cattle type (calves, yearlings, etc.)
sex of the group to be fed Sex
Bulls Heifers
Steers Mixed
date cattle are purchased (1/1/2001) Purchase date (month/day/year)
total number of cattle purchased Head count
average weight of cattle, usually a shrunk weight Average in-weight (lb)
average purchased price for cattle delivered Purchase cost per pound ($/lb)
average sale date for cattle as (1/1/2001) Average sale date
total number of cattle sold Number of head sold
average weight of cattle at selling, shrunk weight Average sale weight (lb)
average sale price per pound of live weight Average sale price ($/lb live)
total cost of rations or feeds fed during the feeding period Total ration cost per pen ($)
total weight of rations or feeds delivered to teh cattle on an as fed basis Total pounds of feed fed per pen (lb)
percentage of moisture free feed in the rations Dry matter content of ration (%)
cost of housing the pen of cattle in the feedlot Yardage expense ($/pen)
cost per pen vet services and medications Vet and Medicine expenses ($/pen)
cost per pen for marketing Marketing expenses (Beef Checkoff, brand) ($/pen)
cost per pen for trucking or freight Trucking expenses ($/pen)
cost per pen for other expenses Miscellaneous expenses ($/pen)
cost per pen for price protection for cattle and feeds Price protection cost ($/head)
interest rate for cattle and feeds Interest rate (%)
amount of equity per head required for feeding Cash equity per head ($/head)